Which is the best brand in the world? The answer is shocking!

If you are asked that question, what would you say? Apple? Google? Coke? Microsoft? Virgin?

First, let’s look at what is the definition of a brand – it has a logo, it has customers who buy into its philosophy, it has a revenue stream…

The best brand in the world will logically be a brand that has the biggest turnover and profit, has the highest awareness, has a logo that is the most recognised and has customers in all corners of the world.

Still thinking? Let me remove the suspense.



It is the catholic church!

(Scroll up and see how it fits the bill)



The best communication is the one you don’t just read or hear or see, but experience.┬áDon’t you agree?

Here are some brilliant examples of communication that you can never ever forget…

We sometimes forget the cruelty involved in the leather industry. To drill home the point, a store in Bangkok was roped in. People walked in to buy the good looking leather items. But they were in for a shock…



What a simple idea, isn’t it? And yet so so effective!


Want to feel like James Bond… well, here is your chance!

Unbeatable in Impact, the only drawback of campaigns like these is the limited reach. But with the advent of Social Media (especially youtube), even that is taken care of.