Out of the box outdoor advertising

Every day, a typical consumer in the west is exposed to over 2000 selling messages! Naturally, it has become a tough task for advertisers to get noticed and to stay memorable.

Here is some advertising that broke the mould and created a wow effect!


What’s common between McDonald’s and the road? The yellow lines of course!



When you are so high up, that people look like fleas!




It need not be Big and Bold. Small and Subtle can be equally effective.


kit kat

Kitkat has long been at the forefront of innovative advertising. Here they are, taking advantage of the fact that the bench woodwork looks uncannily like their product.




Wonderbra, in case you don’t know is a lingerie brand that sells bust enhancing bras. They created this idea at the metro stations. While the yellow line tells people how far from the track they need to stand, a second yellow line was used to demonstrate that those who use the product need to be even further back.


This was executed in India by a hair care product brand. Eye grabbing, isn’t it?


So what does it need to create such attention grabbing communication, you ask?

It’s simply an ability to use the medium itself. Be it the zebra crossing lines by McDonald’s, the yellow safety lines by Wonderbra, or my favourite – the Frontline flea and tick spray for dogs.

Go ahead, ask your communications agency to be playful and look beyond the obvious.


COMMUNICATE…a necessity for life

A new blog by a friend. Quite insightful.


 One cannot not communicate.

Even when you’re sitting quietly in a room without any expressions at all…you are communicating – ‘I wanna be left alone’.

 For ages we have been reading & hearing the necessary things to live – food, shelter & clothes. Is this all we really need coz we also know humans are social beings. This implies that though we are living but definitely we do not have a life till we socialise. To socialise, we surely have to communicate with others. Now, to communicate doesn’t mean that we just have to blast all our thoughts, views & emotions on to others. Communication is always 2-way. So you have to keep your ears & eyes open for others to express.

Sometimes we’re stuck & think on how to communicate with others and we forget the basis of communication – express ourselves in a way understood by the…

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