COMMUNICATE…a necessity for life

A new blog by a friend. Quite insightful.


 One cannot not communicate.

Even when you’re sitting quietly in a room without any expressions at all…you are communicating – ‘I wanna be left alone’.

 For ages we have been reading & hearing the necessary things to live – food, shelter & clothes. Is this all we really need coz we also know humans are social beings. This implies that though we are living but definitely we do not have a life till we socialise. To socialise, we surely have to communicate with others. Now, to communicate doesn’t mean that we just have to blast all our thoughts, views & emotions on to others. Communication is always 2-way. So you have to keep your ears & eyes open for others to express.

Sometimes we’re stuck & think on how to communicate with others and we forget the basis of communication – express ourselves in a way understood by the…

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